After Half a Century of Service comes your ultimate chance to experience the legendary MiG-21. Follow in the footsteps of generations of pilots and fly one of the most iconic aircraft ever built. The DCS: MiG-21 has been developed from the ground up with an unwavering focus on impeccable accuracy, realism and attention to detail. With full simulation of the aircraft’s systems and avionics, your road to mastery of this vaunted interceptor will truly be an experience to remember.


Advanced Flight Modelling

Years in the making, our  advanced flight modelling is the foundation upon which the DCS: MiG-21 is built. Comprised of over 100 simulation components and designed by an active duty MiG-21 pilot , it ensure the most authentic MiG-21 experience ever created.

Fidelity & Realism

Accurately reconstructed systems and avionics combined with a fully clickable cockpit yields a deep, rewarding simulation. Never before has the MiG-21 been reconstructed in such exquisite detail or accuracy. Mastery of the MiG-21 will require significant skill and dedication. Are you up for the challenge?

Tutorials & Manuals

The DCS: MiG-21 comes with a 200+ page manual, with highly detailed illustrations and instructions. A full suite of in-game interactive tutorials will ensure that your learning process will be manageable. Quick-start guides and other documentation provides quick reference when necessary. All materials are available in multiple languages.

Graphics & Sound

To ensure maximum immersion and fidelity, great effort has gone into creating one of the most visually pleasing flight simulation aircraft of all time. The exterior and interior of the aircraft have been recreated in incredible detail, with detailed animations and textures. Sounds have been sampled directly from the real MiG-21.


The DCS: MiG-21bis is a third party addon aircraft for the DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) Series. The MiG-21bis is an advanced evolution of the vaunted MiG-21 all weather interceptor. As with previous DCS products, there is  no compromise when it comes to fidelity and realism. The aircraft’s systems and avionics are recreated in exquisite detail, and every switch or knob is clickable. The aircraft is powered by our proprietary Advanced Flight Modelling, which is designed to reach the PFM (Professional Flight Modelling) criteria set forth by Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Collection.


The DCS: MiG-21bis is powered by our custom Advanced Flight Modelling, based on the Eagle Dynamics PFM (“Professional Flight Modelling”) standard. It is built from the ground up by our active duty MiG-21 pilot and lead programmer – Novak Djorjdijevic. Having flown the MiG-21bis for many years; Novak is very familiar with the aircrafts performance and handling characteristics. The Flight Model is comprised of 100+ simulation components, each with their own aerodynamic properties. These are then combined together to simulate the way the aircraft will move at any given time; yielding an unparalleled simulation of supersonic flight.


The DCS: MiG-21bis will come with a full suite of documentation to help you become proficient with the aircraft.The manual weighs in at around 200 pages; and covers every system or function in great detail. Quick-start guides and other reference material (video tutorials) will also be available.


The DCS: MiG-21 comes with a suite of single and multiplayer missions, as well as a comprehensive course of interactive in-game tutorials. The tutorials are designed to provide you with a streamlined learning experience and to jumpstart your proficiency in the MiG-21.


The DCS: MiG-21bis features “Game mode” or “Easy Avionics” options for those of you who do not wish to spend too much time
learning the aircraft. With these options engaged; you can easily jump into the cockpit and fly & fight!


Preliminary pricing is $49.99


Computer requirements for the DCS: MiG-21bis are identical to the ones required for DCS: World 1.2.8. Those can be viwed on the Eagle Dynamics website, here


The DCS: MiG-21bis will launch Q2-Q3 2014.


The DCS: MiG-21bis will initially be available from the Eagle Dynamics Storefront and possibly on the STEAM distribution platform.


The manual and other documentation will be translated into multiple languages, while planned in-game localization is limited to English and Russian.


Ground Controlled Interception (or “GCI”) is already functional and implemented in DCS: World. Our Manual covers the creation of a
template that you can easily place in our missions for every country. Our MiG-21 is not equipped with LAZUR equipment.


The DCS: MiG-21bis will come pre-painted in 6 liveries from different countries and eras. A paint-kit (layered .PSD files) will be included after release allowing you (and other community members) to create your own liveries. Leatherneck Simulations may include more liveries post-release in a Patch.


A new ticketing system will be built on this website for any support needs. Phone support will also be available upon release.


Feel free to contact us here