You’d be hard pressed to find an individual with a more impressive resumé than Novak. Not only does he serve his country with distinction as a MiG-21 fighter pilot, he has also authored several books. He has single handedly built our advanced flight modelling and large parts of the DCS: MiG-21 . Besides bringing a wealth of skill and knowledge to the team, he inspires everyone at Leatherneck with his drive and commitment.

Born and raised in the beautiful swedish countryside, Anders went on to work in the manufacturing industry, nicely matching his infatuation with nerdy T-Shirts while building equally geeky manufacturing robots. Today, Anders works full-time as a 3D Artist, and holds the same position within Leatherneck Simulations. With an eye for detail and unwavering dedication to perfection, he fits like a glove.

Born and raised among mythical fanged creatures in Romania, Radu is a veteran game development professional, currently holding a position with a renowned mobile game company. Well versed in many programming languages, Radu brings an invaluable skillset to the table. Besides being an avid simmer, he has a worryingly strong infatuation with domesticated cats and hats.

Teo used to play the trombone. Then, he realized that tanks, planes – and, in fact, all military related things
are really cool. Thus begun his vast accumulation of knowledge of all things military and an education in International Relations and Security Policy. With Leatherneck, he provides invaluable testing and research, making sure that our products are excellent and accurate.

From Helsingborg, Sweden, Nicholas has wasted no time bouncing around the world in search of success. For the last 5 years Nicholas has primarily worked as a independent film Director and Visual FX artist. Nicholas brings together skills from many different fields, including flight simulation development. When the chance presents itself, he spends as much time underwater as possible.

Following in Leatherneck tradition of staff members possessing very strange combinations of skills, Christoffer comes as no surprise. In addition to having just begun his tenure as a child-psychologist, Christoffer now bolsters the programming ranks of Leatherneck, and in doing so brings years of valuable experience with him. In seemingly established programmer tradition, Christoffer, just like Radu, has a strong infatuation with domesticated cats.

After serving with the U.S. Marines Corps, Michael now spends his days on tinkering with cars, enjoying Florida’s comfortable temperature and working on flight simulation aircraft. Michael has overseen the development and construction of the majority of the MiG-21s’ exterior models and textures. The rest of the team may strive for complete accuracy and realism, but Michael has undoubtedly gone insane: he counts every rivet.

Andreas is somewhat of a legend for every Swede. Having moved Westwards and establishing a career in IT at the Arizona State University, Andreas proves that stifling heat will not spontaneously incinerate anyone of Swedish descent. We’re still not sure if he’s biting his lip and feigning the lack of duress, but if so – his work does not show it. Andreas is an excellent, meticulous texture artist- and fits right in. He too has a love for the sea, and spends as much time underwater as possible.